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Don't send 'goose glut' west

YOUR JULY 24 editorial ''The Goose Glut") does a great deal to undo the fragile good will Western Massachusetts readers have for the Globe (and our Boston-based state government).

So Boston's goose problem is easily solved by herding the wayward geese to Central or Western Massachusetts? That's nice to hear when we in Western Mass. have our own geese problems to deal with. But how would the Globe, or most of our so-called Mass state government, know this or much about life out here in the hinterlands anyway? You rarely venture outside the Route 128 border.

And one Globe story on Springfield (''Let's bring Springfield back from the doldrums," op ed, July 11) just doesn't do the trick.

I'm sure Boston has a few intelligent people who can find a solution to the ''goose glut," one that rightly doesn't involve us, your poor country bumpkin cousins.


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