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Unemployed students can fill the gap

I STRONGLY support your call for workforce training for the new industries that are growing in Massachusetts (''Workforce work," editorial, June 13).

But let us not forget something much easier. Over the last few weeks we have heard Mayor Thomas Menino complain about the lack of summer jobs for high school students, and recently the operators of hotels and restaurants on the Cape and in New Hampshire have been complaining about the lack of immigrant labor for their summer operations.

Can't Boston's unemployed students fill these gaps?

I suggest that we start planning now for next year's summer. Let our high schools offer evening programs in waiting, busing, and room cleaning. Perhaps Boston's hotels and restaurateurs can offer experts to staff the courses and sites for students to practice. Then next year we will have a trained labor force ready to fill those dormitories on the Cape with willing and capable workers.

The writer is a professor emeritus at the University of Toronto.

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