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Conservativism for all to see

I DISAGREE with ombudsman Christine Chinlund about "Mallard Fillmore" ("Much ado about a duck," op ed, Feb. 21). Since the Bush administration uses obfuscation and doublespeak to explain itself, Bruce Tinsley's strip is the only voice in print that actually tells us what the real conservative agenda is. It consists of dirty water and air, no help for the needy, medical insurance only for the rich, a gift to corporate America of the National Park system to mine and pollute, ridicule of any viewpoint other than its own, insistence on Calvin Coolidge's belief that what's good for business is good for America, and a relentless assault on the Social Security insurance protection for our elders.

We need to hear this viewpoint expressed every day so that we who believe our country is a community with mutual interests and obligations can fight against these ideas. If we substitute a "kinder," "softer" viewpoint for "Mallard," we might be lulled into complacency about the real intent of conservative aims: dismemberment of the government.


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