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No retreat in quest for equal marriage

REGARDING "GAY rights activists split over taking a softer course," (Page A1, Dec. 13):

We need to set the record straight on some key, and false, assertions. First, Cheryl Jacques did not choose to resign from the Human Rights Campaign for any political or electoral policy reason. As she stated herself, she chose to step down based on differences in management philosophy. In short, the issues were internal, not external.

Second, there is no retreat in the quest for equal marriage. We couldn't be more unequivocal about that goal or that support.

Finally, we are not in any way in favor of privatizing Social Security. We do, however, believe that Congress and America need to better understand the real consequences of denying us access to these key survivor benefits after a lifetime of contributions.

That is why we will embark on a campaign to give our lives real depth and focus. The face of America is incomplete without the full picture of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender lives. From the contributions we make, to the families we raise, to the inequities we face because we are denied equal protection, these stories must be told.

HRC Board of Director
Washington, D.C.

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