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Will chip advance civilization?

THE GOVERNMENT mustn't control our lives. The benefits and potentials of the VeriChip in Rob Stein's Oct. 14 article "FDA OK's implant holding personal medical records" (Page A3) can advance us in the world, but more importantly, it will dehumanize our human race.

The world and people's lives are continuously improving thanks to advanced science for its discoveries of multiple vaccines and medicines. But such gratitude will be cut short with the VeriChip. As much as this new technology will efficiently help the medical world save lives, no praise or thanks will be genuinely uttered as people's personal beings are invaded by a cold, heartless piece of metal.

The potential threats of such a chip far outweigh its benefits. The possibility that the chip will act as surveillance, watching over our every movement, mustn't be taken lightly. What guarantee do we have that the VeriChip won't be used against us: that the government, following every little suspicious activity, could start to control our lives.

People are not meant to be scanned like cans at a grocery store. The chip won't advance our civilization, but turn us into nothing more than controlled artificial intelligences in a tyrannical world. Such barbaric treatment will dehumanize the evolution of mankind.

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