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Sox have shown what this nation is about

AS A lifelong Mets fan with no love lost for the Red Sox and no great attachment to the Yankees, I watched the 2004 playoffs begin with a feeling of acute apathy. But as October unfolded, I realized I wasn't watching another underdog climb back from the scrap heap only to be forgotten when the next one came along.

Instead I was watching a team that symbolized not only the very best of what sports has to offer, but a team that symbolized what America is truly about. Curt Schilling pitched through a career-threatening injury, and when asked about it he said, simply, "It's nothing any of these guys here wouldn't have done for me."

If only the leaders of our great nation would look at this Boston club they would see the real way to win over the public. During a presidential campaign punctuated by vitriol, fear, and rhetoric, the 2004 Red Sox have shown what this great nation is truly about: pride, individuality, diversity, and courage.

Thank you, Red Sox, for renewing my faith.

New York, N.Y.

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