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These farms witness the winds

WE HOWLED and kicked when the National Seashore proposed to take -- usurp -- private property below market price. Everyone here (except one powerful Kennedy) opposed it. We were wrong.

Wind farms are beautiful. Silently they witness the winds. Their motion adds value and beauty, as sailboats and kites do. Their fixed bases bespeak fidelity and acceptance, as windmills do. If you have the boat for it, such as a Dovekie, you could still navigate shoals, if you want to.

Senator Edward Kennedy surprises by yielding to his friends' fears instead of supporting what is right and good, as the seashore's takings were both right and good. Sure, it's for profit. What utility isn't?

I'm old, too. But I know a good new thing when I see one. I've seen one wind farm, again and again, and could barely tear my eyes away.

South Wellfleet

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