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Young joining the process

WHILE WE COMMEND Larry Harris and John Palfrey's op ed "Celebrating Boston's citizenship" (July 5) in its call for more civic participation among the younger generation, we disagree with their premise that those under 35 aren't involved in great numbers in community and political life in Massachusetts and that the Internet is the "magic bullet" to engage young citizens.

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts counts among its membership dozens of young elected officials, town committee chairs and members, campaign managers, and volunteers. We do keep an up-to-date website, but our membership network expands predominantly through hosting events, non-electronic outreach, and providing support to young candidates, organizers, and activists -- the same way that Kennedy reached out to youth 40 years ago.

We will host hundreds of other young activists from across the country during the convention, all of whom are dedicated to political change and leadership. Harris and Palfrey are cute in their skirting of the real issue -- when we acclaim the ideals that President Kennedy espoused, we must not forget that he was a Democrat.

Young people who care about the future of this country should get involved directly in political parties at the local and state level in addition to general community service.


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