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We still need Ringo at 64

ON JULY 7, 1940, Richard Starkey was born in Liverpool, England. He was given a set of drums early on, confidently took to them, joined a band called Rory Storm and the Raving Texans, and by age 20, was playing clubs in Hamburg.

It was there he met another group from back home, which eventually invited him to join as their drummer. And when he eagerly agreed, it provided the final piece in what arguably was the most creatively and commercially successful singing group of all time.

Starkey became known as Ringo Starr, and the group, of course, was the Beatles. The years have passed, and sadly, John Lennon and George Harrison are no longer with us. Fortunately, Ringo and Paul McCartney still are.

Starr, the eldest Beatle, now faces (in Fab Four terms at least) a significant and possibly daunting birthday. In fact, many years ago, Paul's concerns about being 64 were such that he felt the need to put them into song.

So as Ringo joined in the chorus then, let's do so all together now and, hopefully lyrically, reassure him that yes, we'll still need him, yes, we'll still feed him, now that he's 64!

Woodbridge, Conn.

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