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MBTA restrictions are unreasonable

THE MBTA's policy against bags on the Orange Line during the Democratic National Convention is completely unreasonable ("MBTA advisory: Pack light," City & Region, June 25). Because of its combination of T accessibility and affordable housing, Malden is home to many low-income residents who work in Boston. Many service workers have been forbidden to take vacation time during the week of the convention. And they often have to bring their uniforms with them to and from home.

Malden also has a large student population, some of whom will have summer school classes scheduled during that week. Taken together, textbooks and binders and laptops are rarely compact enough to fit in a small bag. Not all people work 9-to-5 jobs where they don't have to take a lot of work home. Not everyone has the luxury of taking a week's vacation. This is embarrassing. The MBTA should be ashamed. ELISABETH RIBA

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