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This commuter will feel the pain

SO, WE Orange Line commuters won't be allowed to carry large bags during the Democratic National Convention ("MBTA advisory: Pack light," City & Region, June 25). What am I supposed to do with the gear I carry every day in a large backpack? Oh, I know. I can tie the laces of my sneakers together and sling them around my neck. The insulated lunch bag? Suspend it from my belt. The aerobic clothes for my noontime workout -- jogging bra, Spandex shorts -- I can wear them under my work clothes. Sure, it will be hot and bulky, but that's my contribution to the democratic process.

The book to read on the train? I'll have to read a small paperback that I can fit in my pocket. Small, collapsible umbrella? Hang it on my wrist. Or will it look too much like a weapon?

As for shopping bags, I just won't be able to stop at the Back Bay grocery store on the way home from work. Ditto any purchases from the department stores. But the merchants won't mind. As T general manager Michael Mulhern suggests, they should understand and tolerate any inconvenience.

Getting out of town that week is looking better all the time.


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