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Romney insults same-sex couples

LAST MONTH I attended four gay and lesbian weddings at my church, First Parish Church in Dorchester. They were touching for being both ordinary and historic. Afterward, while chatting with two of the newlywed couples, it struck me how traditional they were in their decisions to marry, including having a church wedding, taking their partners' last name, and planning for kids.

By calling these marriages an "experiment," Governor Mitt Romney insults the love and commitment of these couples and fuels the fires of bigotry that have already been inflamed by President Bush and Congress as they try to amend our Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage while they concurrently fund and push marriage-promoting initiatives for single (presumably straight) parents receiving welfare.

Nontraditional families -- whether gay or straight -- bear societal, economic, tax, and legal burdens that we straight, married parents do not share and can only imagine. It's time for our elected officials to grow up and support everyone raising children, respect the homes they come from, and let them live in peace as equal citizens.


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