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Using church to further his political goals

PRESIDENT BUSH'S attempt to use the Catholic Church to further his political aims is despicable. He pursues an illegitimate war in Iraq over the vehement opposition of the pope and the world. The war has killed hundreds of young US men and women and thousands of Iraqis, and made the world a more dangerous place for Americans.

And now Bush has the nerve to ask Vatican officials to promote socially conservative values in the United States aggressively and complain that not all the American bishops are with him!

The founding fathers put separation of church and state in the Constitution for a very good reason: to keep self-righteous, self-justifying, would-be autocrats from abusing people's faiths for political ends. Bush, much more than any other president, has repeatedly crossed over that line. He should never forget that he does not represent the majority of Americans.

West Newton

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