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Welcome to the walkable city

THE EDITORIAL "Harvard's new neighbors," (May 31) says that the university will be undertaking a master plan for Allston and will be considering the Undergraduate Life Task Force's estimates that more than a thousand students will be living there eventually and that they will need to come up with some creative ideas to get the students to and from classes on the other side of the Charles.

On Page A2 that same day is a brief article about a study in Atlanta indicating that "spending more time behind the wheel and less time on two feet is adding inches to waistlines and contributing to the nation's obesity epidemic." Let's hope that the master planners Harvard hires capitalize on the walkability of Boston and Cambridge and use the opportunity to get students to walk across the river and keep them out of cars, buses, and shuttles. They'll have more time to contemplate, observe the tranquil Charles, and keep fit all at the same time.

Executive director
Scholars in Clinical
Science Program
Harvard Medical School

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