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Cowards shouldn't quibble or accuse

WHAT'S ALL this horse manure about ribbons and medals? And it comes from absentee Dick Cheney and semi-AWOL George Bush. How dare the administration's Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, who skipped the war of their time, send 700 young Americans to their deaths.

We now watch in amazement as the coalition of wimps tries to diminish John Kerry's service!

I won some medals flying against the Nazis. Now I can't even find my medals or ribbons. The terminology is irrelevant. The ribbons are just the wearable stand-ins for the medals. They aren't important except for being symbols of service. All sevicemen's discharge papers record the awards.

I recall the day my wife and I camped out on Lexington Green with John Kerry and the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. We and hundreds of the region's solid citizens believed that members of the US military who had been hoodwinked into fighting a dirty and mistaken war deserved our support.

Kerry was right as a patriot to put his life on the line and then, with the wisdom that came from his experience in Vietnam, to do his best to end the slaughter of young Americans. If that's what this Republican flip-flop issue is about, I think the Bush camp should be ashamed. Cowards shouldn't quibble and accuse. They didn't earn the right.


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