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Wrong to take psychic seriously

ALTHOUGH THE Globe has every right to treat a discussion between a New Hampshire State Police of ficer and a so-called psychic as news ("N.H. police consult psychic on Missing Woman," Page B12, April 16), it should think twice before characterizing this as aid. Your reporter states that Carla Baron, a self-professed psychic, has aided numerous police departments in missing persons and homicide cases. It is irresponsible of the Globe to report this uncritically, with no evidence whatsoever, as fact. It is not aid in any sense of the word to give information to police departments allegedly gleaned from psychic sources. This information does nothing to solve the crime or find the missing person. Useless information and guesses are all that she and others like her ever provide.

A quick check of her website shows that she has never actually found a missing person. The closest she comes was a suicide victim who was found in the same area that police had already been looking. There is also no evidence that anyone has ever been convicted of a homicide based on information she has provided. It is one thing to claim to have aided the police; it is quite another to be able to show some results. Police should not be wasting their time with this kind of aid. Psychics have never solved crimes.

The Globe needs to take a critical look whenever someone claims to have psychic abilities.


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