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Dean bowed out -- so should Nader

I USED to be a fan of Ralph Nader's. He aroused the conscience of America. The good he has done is noteworthy. But I'm not a fan anymore. In 2000, in spite of his pronouncements that there was little, if any, difference between the Democratic and Republican parties, he knew that an imperfect Al Gore would make a far better president than an incompetent George Bush. He also knew that it would be a tight race, particularly in the last few days of the campaign. Yet he insisted on staying in. His 2.7 percent of the vote made the difference, and he knew it would. Now he's doing the same thing again, and even if we assume that John Kerry (should he be the nominee) will run a better campaign than did Gore, Nader is knowingly putting the Democratic nominee at a disadvantage. Nader knows that a vote for him is like a vote for Bush.


In contrast, Howard Dean, in bowing out of the race for the Democratic nomination, has stated that he has no intention of being a spoiler. I expect Dean to live up to his commitment to support the Democratic nominee for the good of the country. Nader should do the same.



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