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Benefits I'd have if I married my partner

HOW WOULD the right to visit my partner of 11 years in the hospital hurt the institution of marriage? How would the right to ensure medical decisions are made per my partner's wishes be detrimental to society? Following my death, why would allowing my partner to get my Social Security benefits threaten the family? Following his death, why would allowing me to get my partner's state pension threaten the future of children in the Commonwealth? After my death, why would preventing half of our possessions from going to second cousins we never see be bad for society?


How would my being guaranteed the right to stay in our house after my partner goes into a nursing home be contrary to the greater good? These are benefits of marriage, federal, and state. They help people to take care of each other.

They're a matter of compassion and decency. They work to the benefit, not the detriment, of society. Same-sex couples should be allowed to marry.



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