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Is John Kerry the real deal?

THE UNFOLDING of the Democratic primaries illustrates what's wrong with American politics and why less than 50 percent of people in this country vote. We now have a front-runner, John Kerry, who for years did not stand up to the Republicans in power, did not take a leadership role in the Senate, and whose campaign was faltering because he couldn't come up with an inspiring message and vision of his own.


In the past few weeks John Kerry has campaigned skillfully. He has become the front-runner by attacking President Bush's policies despite having trusted and supported the president on Iraq and the No Child Left Behind Act.

Ironically, he has coopted the language, message, and vision of the original front-runner, Howard Dean. The backing of the good old Democratic insider machine has brought him back from the abyss. Even his message to President Bush -- "Bring it on!" -- is not in his own words.

Is John Kerry the real deal? Not exactly. If Democrats nominate him, not only will we have more politics as usual, but we will not beat George W. Bush.



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