Inside the world of bullying

A Globe series on bullying and its impact on children, adults, and institutions.

No easy fix for bullying

No easy fix for bullying (Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff)
With Mass. schools facing a deadline to address bullying in schools, remedies have proven elusive, but awareness and resolve may offer promise. Above, students participated in a lesson about bullying at the Ivan G. Smith Elementary School. (Boston Globe, 12/30/10)

Mass. schools lag on bullying strategy

Forty percent of school districts have not filed bullying-prevention plans with the state, despite a Dec. 31 deadline for administrators to comply with a new law that seeks to improve protection for students in the classroom and beyond. (Boston Globe, 12/25/10)

An epidemic of anxiety

For parents, bullying poses a baffling threat and, with a rash of suicides, many are struggling to help children avoid bullying, or survive it. (Boston Globe, 10/30/10)

A world of misery left by bullying

Childhood bullying is an old problem, one that has produced generations of victims. And while many of those bullied as children move past it and thrive in adulthood, a surprising number say they have been unable to leave the humiliating memories behind. (Boston Globe, 11/28/10)

The courage of a boy named Cole

Camp is where memories are made and life lessons learned. But camp also can be a free-fire zone for bullies. Cole knows. His camp memories this summer are of rejection and loneliness. (Boston Globe, 8/8/10)

The agony of a girl who wanted to fit in

Lexi was new to school and intent on being accepted. Then the pictures surfaced and the torment began. It wasn’t a bullying case where the fault was always obvious, or the school failed to react. (Boston Globe, 6/19/10)


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