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Perks climb for region's school chiefs

Salary, extras worth average of $147,500

Perks climb for region's school chiefs
Superintendent Claudia L. Bach (left) makes $166,419, including a retirement benefit and an annual bonus for job longevity. In the past, she says, she’s turned down perks. (Globe photo)
School committees across Eastern Massachusetts have used a variety of perks to quietly boost superintendents' pay in recent years.  Story
CITY WEEKLY: In like Manny: Why school chiefs
get the big bucks

(By Andreae Downs, Globe Correspondent)
In the burst of public outrage that followed Manuel Rivera's 11th-hour thanks-but-no-thanks rejection of the Boston school superintendency, one number didn't get lost in the shuffle.
GLOBE WEST: A leader who relishes a challenge
(By Lisa Kocian, Globe Staff)
Residents and officials say Superintendent Christopher Martes has been earning every penny of his pay as he guides Framingham's school system during a time of budget belt-tightening and high-stakes testing.
 Earning top dollar (By Lisa Kocian, )
GLOBE NORTHWEST: For 2 educators, long days, different worries
(By Russell Contreras, Globe Staff)
A lack of money for schools doesn't keep Lawrence Superintendent Wilfredo T. Laboy up at night. It's the nagging worry that some students in his urban school district still aren't grasping basic math and reading.
 School chiefs' pay surges (By James Vaznis, )
GLOBE NORTH: Super-sized salaries
(By Kathy McCabe, Globe Staff)
Malden's school superintendent, Joan A. Connolly, got a 24 percent raise over the last three years, boosting her total compensation to $169,579.
 The money's good, but skilled leaders are scarce (By Brenda J. Buote, )
 What top pay can buy (By Kathy McCabe, )
GLOBE SOUTH: In number, women make great strides
(By Erin Conroy, Globe Correspondent)
When Magdalene Giffune became superintendent of the Foxborough schools 16 years ago, she said, "you could put all the women superintendents in the state into a regular-size classroom and still have room left over."
 School chiefs see pay surge (By Matt Carroll and Erin Conroy, )
 Outgoing leader eases transition (By Erin Conroy, )
A closer look at three of the state's superintendents:
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