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MIT 150: 150 ideas, inventions, and innovators that helped shape our world.
Founded in 1861, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is celebrating its 150th anniversary. The Boston Globe has published a special magazine recognizing 150 valuable contributions MIT has made in the worlds of technology, science, health care, culture, transportation, economics, and more.


We feature numbers one
through 50 of the MIT 150
Notable individuals who
have roamed the halls of MIT
MIT's least recognized contribution
may be its size and location.
MIT has a curious history of
clever pranks, or "hacks."
Our online crossword
puzzle with an MIT theme


Why MIT matters
Essay by Bill Gates

Why MIT matters

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates wrote an essay to mark MIT's 150th anniversary, noting the institution's enduring legacy to the nation and the world.

The complete list, from 1 to 150

The Globe's top-to-bottom list of the ways the Massachusetts Institute of Technology changed the world we live in.

MIT's contributions to:

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