Inside UMass

A series of articles examining challenges facing the University of Massachusetts.

UMass panel approves 7.5% student fee hike

A committee of the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees approved a 7.5 percent increase in student fees today after a two-hour debate. (Globe, 6/1/11)

Chancellor at UMass may face ax

A committee evaluating UMass Amherst chancellor Robert Holub is recommending that his contract not be renewed following a series of missteps that critics say reflect a politically tone deaf leadership style, according to people connected with the university. (Boston Globe, 5/21/11)

UMass Boston weighs history, future goals

The University of Massachusetts Boston finds itself pulled between its historic mission of providing broader access to a college education and its current ambition to improve the caliber of its students, its facilities, and its academic offerings. (Boston Globe, 2/26/11)

UMass tackles big classes, smaller faculty

Overbooked classes are among the hurdles many undergraduates face at the UMass Amherst — a campus struggling to break into the top ranks of public universities after losing nearly a fifth of its tenured and tenure-track professors in the past two decades. (Boston Globe, 12/19/10)

UMass has an eye on UConn playbook

Ever since the University of Connecticut moved its football team to the highest level 10 years ago, the school has had numerous successes. Now, the University of Massachusetts is wondering if a greater emphasis on sports could bolster its reputation too. (Globe, 10/23/10)

At UMass, top rung remains out of reach

Hampered by budget cuts, the University of Massachusetts has struggled to draw top ranking local students. For many of these Bay State students, the university is simply not on their radar. (Boston Globe, 9/4/10)
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