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Summers's tenure at Harvard

(Correction: Because of a reporting error, a timeline of Lawrence H. Summers's tenure as president of Harvard University that was published with a Page One story yesterday incorrectly stated that William C. Kirby, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, will leave the university. Kirby will step down as dean, but remain on the faculty.)

March 2001 Lawrence H. Summers, an economist, Harvard PhD, and former US treasury secretary, is named president of Harvard effective July 1.

December 2001 Cornel West, a star professor in the African-American studies department, goes on leave weeks after a confrontation with Summers. Several faculty complain that Summers acted abrasively toward faculty members and criticized West over several issues, including his recording of a CD. Summers says he did not intend to offend any faculty members.

April 2002 West announces he will leave Harvard for Princeton University.

January 2005 Summers sparks outrage at an academic conference, saying that innate differences between men and women might be one of the reasons fewer women succeed in math and science. He also questions how much of a role discrimination plays in the shortage of female science and engineering professors at top universities. Summers later apologized for his remarks.

March 2005 Members of Harvard's faculty of Arts and Sciences pass a vote of no confidence in Summers, 218 to 185, with 18 abstentions. A second vote on a milder censure passes 253 to 137, also with 18 abstentions. Later that month, graduate students vote against a similar measure.

July 2005 Conrad K. Harper, a lawyer and Harvard law school graduate, resigns from the university's seven-member governing corporation. In his resignation letter Harper says the university's ''best interests" would be served by Summers stepping down. His immediate reason for resigning is the board's decision to give Summers a 3 percent raise without setting performance benchmarks.

January 2006 Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean William C. Kirby sparks a new wave of recrimination against Summers when he announces that he will leave the university this summer. Some faculty members say Kirby was pushed out by Summers.

This month About a dozen professors confront Summers at a faculty meeting, and several suggest that he step down or be fired. Soon afterward, Peter T. Ellison, former dean of Harvard's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, tells the Globe that he announced his resignation a year ago because Summers undermined his authority, broke a promise, and made statements ''that appear less than fully truthful." Members of Harvard governing board interview faculty about Summers's future.

Next Faculty of Arts and Sciences is planning to subject Summers to a vote of no confidence on Feb. 28.

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