17 of the Weirdest Things Seen on the T

Most Bostonians maintain a solid love-hate relationship with the MBTA. Sure, it’s great not having to drive everywhere, but there are always a few elements of the MBTA experience we could all do without.

Reddit users recently shared their most bizarre, disgusting or just plain creepy MBTA stories—you can read the full lists here and here, but we picked out 17 of our favorites below:

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1. The marriage proposal, mugger-style:

2. The guardians of late-night freak authenticity:

3. The guy watching porn with comfort food:

4. The “that’s not how you eat a banana”:

5. The man who knows what he likes...:

6. ...and what the ladies like:

7. The “and we aren’t even in Salem!”:

...prompting one user to respond:

8. The ugh:

9. The passenger still lost on the “manilla” vs. “vanilla” distinction:

10. The old cat food welcoming committee...:

11. ...to the welcoming cats AS food committee:

12. The “I’m not sure which is weirder” category:

13. The one too weird to possibly make up:

14. The classic ‘Oh God. OH GOD.’:

15. And last but not least—the one with the handcuffs:

Wading through the weirdness, some users took the time to share some pleasant—though equally bizarre—experiences on their rides, too:

16. The mysteriously behaved teenagers:

17. The day everything goes suspiciously right: