Stephen King issues mea culpa on Woody Allen comment

Stephen King is apologizing for an intemperate tweet that seemed to suggest he was taking sides in the ongoing Mia Farrow/Woody Allen controversy. A days after The New York Times published a letter written by Allen’s adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, alleging the filmmaker sexually assaulted her years ago, King tweeted “Boy, I’m stumped on that one. I don’t like to think it’s true, and there’s an element of palpable bitchery there, but . . .” The backlash that ensued prompted the Maine-based best-selling author to clarify. “Those of you who follow Twitter will know that recently I managed to put my foot in my mouth and halfway down my throat,” he wrote in a note posted on “Those of you who have read my work — “Carrie,” “Dolores Claiborne,” “Rose Madder,” and “Lisey’s Story,” to name four — will know that I have plenty of respect for women, and care about the problems and life-situations they face. My single-mom mother faced plenty, believe me. And I have no sympathy whatever for those who abuse children. I wrote about such abuse — and its ultimate cost to the victim — in “Gerald’s Game.” The maximum number of letters in a Tweet is 140. I think the following would fit: I apologize for screwing up. Just know my heart is where it’s always been: in the right place.

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