New York baseball writers honor Boston police detective

The New York chapter of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America this week gave its “You Gotta Have Heart” award to a Boston police detective. Kevin McGill, a cop for 31 years, said he was “flattered and overwhelmed” to accept the award on behalf of all the police, firefighters, and EMTs who helped victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. “I’m just another guy,” said McGill, holding back tears. He was introduced by Sox reliever Craig Breslow, who told the crowd the events of April 15 taught the team a lot. “We understood our role in helping our city move forward. We visited hospitals and we hosted victims. We donated our time and our money, and we lent our celebrity to causes,” Breslow said. “But most importantly, we never lost sight of reality, the reality that no home run, not even a postseason grand slam, could ever allow an amputee to walk again. And no victory, not even a World Series championship, could ever fill the void felt by someone who lost a brother or a sister, a son or a daughter, a mother or a father. And, finally, we learned about courage, about people willing to run toward an explosion while thousands of others ran away.” McGill was then given a standing ovation.

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