A (partial) list of fashionable Bostonians

The e-mail from Sam Sisakhti piqued our interest, promising a list of the 50 most fashionable Bostonians. Sisakhti is founder of the Boston-based website www.ustrendy.com, and his list, it turns out, is highly subjective. (Not familiar with UsTrendy? It’s an e-commerce platform featuring over 18,000 fashion designers.) But back to the list, which Sisakhti says is his attempt to counter the widely held view of Boston as one of the world’s worst-dressed cities. The criteria for inclusion, he told us, is a person’s potential to influence others, their ties to Boston, and, of course, a modicum of style. So who’s No. 1? “Extra” cohost Maria Menounos, who ranks just ahead of Tom Brady’s supermodel spouse Gisele Bundchen. (The Patriots QB is No. 10.) Bundchen was also No. 2 last year, behind WHDH-TV anchor Kim Khazei, who doesn’t even make this year’s list. (Weirdly, neither do KISS108’s Lisa Donovan or Ayla Brown, both of whom were among Sisakhti’s 50 most fashionable a year ago.) This year’s roster is stocked with radio and TV personalities — JAM’N 94.5’s Ramiro, J.C. Monahan of “Chronicle,” and FOX25’s Maria Stephanos, to name a few — a couple of athletes, and an arbitrary assortment of others. “Any time you do a list like this, it’s going to be arbitrary,” said Sisakhti. “We dropped some people to get new fresh faces.”

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