‘Wahlburgers’ to premiere at benefit for Dorchester Youth Collaborative

“Wahlburgers,” the new A&E reality series about the Wahlberg brothers’ burger restaurant, will premiere Jan. 22 at a fund-raiser for the Dorchester Youth Collaborative. Chef Paul Wahlberg will host the event, which will be held at the restaurant in Hingham. “Wahlburgers” is one of a couple of reality shows — or docu-series — being produced by Mark Wahlberg and/or his brothers. Others include “Boston’s Finest,” about the Boston Police Department, and a show loosely based on the popular CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” that would be shot at MIT. . . . And if anyone needed a reminder how messed up Mark was, he gave it to them during an appearance on Jay Leno’s show this week. “They give Justin Bieber a hard time,” Wahlberg said. “I was an absolute trainwreck. Wow.” Indeed.

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