Comedy festival winner Alingon Mitra gives away his $10,000 prize

Boston Comedy Festival contest winner Alingon Mitra surprised the crowd at the Somerville Theatre Saturday when he announced he would be giving away his $10,000 prize. Half will go to One Fund Boston, and the rest he will split among the 95 comedians he competed against in the weeklong competition. “These competitions are such a crapshoot,” Mitra (inset) said at the afterparty. “Any one of these comics could have won.” The Worcester native and Harvard grad says he was inspired by a quote he read from comic Shane Mauss. “He said something like, ‘Instead of one person winning $10,000 and calling it a contest, why don’t we divide the money equally and call it comedy,’ ” Mitra said. “That kind of stuck with me.” His dream is to do stand-up comedy full-time, but his day job as a tax consultant allows him enough financial freedom to pursue comedy in his free time. Mitra is working with festival founder Jim McCue to get the money distributed. None of the comedians hit him up after the show for their share. Not seriously, anyway. “Only as a joke,” Mitra said, laughing.

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