Shane Victorino scores by reading Gettsyburg Address

Some Red Sox players hit the golf course after the team’s World Series win, others went to Vegas and some, like Mike Napoli, went shirtless bar-hopping around Boston. Then there’s Shane Victorino. The Sox outfielder, whose bases-clearing triple was a highlight of Game 6, ventured into a recording studio to recite the Gettysburg Address. Why? Because documentary filmmaker Ken Burns asked him to. Burns is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s famous speech by recording famous folks reading or reciting it. The collection of recordings at is precursor to Burns’s next film, “The Address,” which premieres in the spring. Victorino is in good company. Others who have recited the address include each of the living presidents, as well as Louis CK, Stephen Colbert, Whoopi Goldberg, Taylor Swift, Uma Thurman, and Usher.

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