Bonnie Raitt likes to visit her former Porter Square home

Bonnie Raitt hasn’t lived here since she studied at Radcliffe College in Cambridge in the late 1960s, and yet she still considers this area a second home. “I started in Philly and Boston and then made my first album in Minneapolis, so those are the three adopted cities for me,” says Raitt, who plays a sold-out show at the Orpheum Theatre on Sunday. Touring behind last year’s “Slipstream,” the flame-haired rocker says she’ll make use of her downtime here the way she typically does: “I’m going to get some hair stuff done and see some friends,” she says. “Normally I would be biking around Cambridge, but I think it’ll be too chilly. I always go through [Harvard] Yard and always ride by my old house near Porter Square.” (She once lived on Oxford Street with four other women.) Raitt, who celebrated her 64th birthday last week, says she hopes to stay on the road for another few decades. “I’m proud to still be here, believe me,” she says. “All of my heroes – Tony Bennett, Willie [Nelson], B.B. [King], my dad [the late John Raitt] – all lasted into their 80s. So I’m hoping we’ll all be strutting around in electrified walkers and jetpacks by the time I’m 85. And you know I’ll have the same hairdo.”

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