A party at a Weston mansion benefits women’s health at Beth Israel

29names - Sheryl Simon with co-chairs Stacy Simon Gilman and Ashley Bernon (Michael Blanchard)
Sheryl Simon with party co-chairs Stacy Simon Gilman and Ashley Bernon (Michael Blanchard)

Locals Ashley Bernon and Stacy Simon Gilman co-chaired a Gatsby-size Halloween party over the weekend at a $16.2-million-dollar mansion that’s up for sale on Winsor Way in Weston (the agent for the property is Stacy’s mother, Sheryl). The night, which drew 250 people and featured a photo booth and tarot card readings, benefited women’s health care at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Guests went all out with their costumes, which made it tough for the night’s judge, octogenarian and society queen Marilyn Riseman . She eventually handed out awards to Andrea Finard, Traci Shulkin, Alissa Pool, and Rebecca Gold, who dressed as the Kardashians; a Marilyn Monroe look-alike; luxury travel maven Tiffany Dowd and her husband, J.B., who appropriately were a pilot and stewardess; and movie producer and co-owner of The Place Sam Slater, who dressed up as Ted from the Mark Wahlberg movie “Ted.” (Slater managed to keep his fuzzy head on all night.) There were also two Batmans, a Miley Cyrus, two black swans, a pack of Audrey Hepburns, and an Ashley Olsen (that was host Bernon). Notable guests included physicians Pramila Yadav , Todd Shapiro, and Merle Berger; Chanel’s Mary Noble King; and Channel 5’s Bianca de la Garza, who was pretty in pink and a tiara as prom queen. By the end of the night, most of the group had gathered in the mansion's kitchen for chocolate-chip cookie dough cupcakes made by Scampo and Towne chef Lydia Shire. She was on the premises all night, wearing a crown and making treats.

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