Ben Foster, Boston native, to star as Lance Armstrong in film about disgraced cycling champion

Even before he was exposed as a liar and a cheater Lance Armstrong was a fascinating story. But now Hollywood can’t seem to embrace enough movies about the disgraced Tour de France champion. The latest confirmed untitled project will star, according to, 33-year old Boston native Ben Foster as Armstrong. Foster, himself, is an interesting character, who has starred in “3:10 to Yuma” and “X-Men: The Last Stand,” among other films and TV shows. He was born in Boston but when he was 4 his family’s house was robbed while they were sleeping and that pushed his parents to move them to a spiritually minded community in Iowa. “My parents were part of a Transcendental Meditation community,” he told the Globe back in 2009. “I was taught to meditate when I was just about 4.” According to Deadline, the Armstrong screenplay by John Hodge is based on the book, “Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong,” by journalist David Walsh (who will be played in the movie by Chris O’Dowd). All the highs and lows of Armstrong’s journey will be there, including his Tour de France domination, his battle with testicular cancer, and the pursuit by investigators into doping allegations. As for other Armstrong films, Warner Bros has signed up director Jay Roach and Bradley Cooper for “Red Blooded American,” and a documentary by Alex Gibney called “The Armstrong Lie” is in some theaters now.

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