Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman to write memoir of his experience

Jeff Bauman (inset), who lost both of his legs as a result of injuries suffered in the Boston Marathon bombings, is writing a book about his experience. The New York Times’ Julie Bosman reported the book deal Wednesday via Twitter. Bauman’s account will be published by Grand Central in April 2014, on the one-year anniversary of the bombings. The 27-year-old Bauman, who was working at Costco to pay off his student loans, had been at the Marathon to see his girlfriend cross the finish line. He was standing close to one of the backpacks that exploded, and was among the eyewitnesses who directed authorities to the Tsarnaev brothers. The photo of Bauman being wheeled to a waiting ambulance after the blasts has become emblematic of the chaos and courage of that day.

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