Tiësto plays Ocean Club before NY Electric Zoo deaths

James Coletta

Superstar DJ Tiësto played the Ocean Club in Quincy on Friday. From there, he moved on to New York City to play Electric Zoo on Saturday, the night that two concert-goers died of a
suspected drug overdose of MDMA,
a pure form of ecstasy commonly
referred to by its street name, Molly. Tiësto addressed the tragedy via
Twitter on Sunday: “My thoughts
are with the family and friends of
Jeffrey Russ and Olivia Rotondo,” he wrote, acknowledging the deaths of 23-year-old Russ, of Rochester, N.Y., and 20-year-old Rotondo, of North Providence. He added, “This scene is amazing because of the
music and the people — not drugs. Dance music is about celebrating life.”

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