Chris Evans really likes Boston

Chris Evans has traveled all over the world making and promoting movies, but the actor still insists there’s no place like home. The Sudbury-bred star of “Captain America” talked up his hometown during a Spreecast Web chat with fans this week. Asked how he keeps his ego in check in Tinseltown, the 32-year-old actor (inset) says he tries to escape as often as he can. “Going back to Massachusetts [works] for me. It’s a very clichéd answer, but it’s true,” said Evans, who credits his parents for giving him a “boiler-plate upbringing.” “You’re surrounded by friends and family, people who don’t care what you do for a living and don’t care if you’re successful in this industry or not. . . . And all of a sudden the things that matter just kind of come back to life.” Asked to name his favorite place on earth — in the whole world — the actor who’s dating Minka Kelly again gave props to the Bay State. “That’s easy,” said Evans. “Massachusetts, really . . . everywhere in Eastern Mass. It’s where I feel the most present.”

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