Tom Brady’s style icon: Steve Jobs? Favorite clothing item? You’ll never guess.

Bostonians Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are listed as a best-dressed couple in the September style issue of Vanity Fair. Bundchen tells the magazine that her style icon is her mother, that her favorite accessory is the Chanel Boy Bag, and that her favorite place to shop is L’Eclaireur in Paris. Brady, meanwhile, tells VF that his favorite item of clothing is “his wife’s lingerie” (really), that his favorite accessory is his wedding ring, and that his style icon is Steve Jobs. We were surprised about the Jobs shout-out, too — but then again, we have seen Tom in a turtleneck. The couple was spotted nuzzling with their son Benjamin during training camp in Foxborough on Tuesday. . . . In other magazine news, actress Jennifer Garner talks about her husband, Ben Affleck, in the September issue of Allure. She says they have no plans to act together anytime soon because people are sick of looking at them. She also says of Ben, “Well, he’s taller than you’d expect and more handsome than you’d think he could be.” and TMZ reported on Tuesday that Affleck visited Lindsay Lohan to support the actress during her recent stint in rehab. It had been rumored early this month that Affleck was considering Lohan for a role in his adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s Boston novel “Live By Night,” but TMZ says the visit was not about the project.

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