‘Superman’ author mixed on Superman movie

Despite decidedly mixed reviews, the new Superman flick “Man of Steel” shot to the top of the box office faster than a speeding bullet, earning $196.7 million in its opening weekend. One of those paying customers was Lexington writer Larry Tye, author of the superhero’s exhaustively researched and entertainingly told bio “Superman: The High-Flying History of America’s Most Enduring Hero.” (It’s just out in paperback.) So what did he think of director Zack Snyder ’s take on the man from Krypton? “I agree with all the critiques that there is too much slam-bang, too much origin [story], and too much unabashed setup for the sequel,” said Tye. “But fans don’t care.” No, they don’t. Nor, he said, do they care that Henry Cavill, the actor who plays Superman, is British, that this Man of Steel doesn’t wear underpants on the outside, and that the movie is full of Christian iconography. Tye said he needs to see the movie again. “I watched the audience as much as the movie,” he said. “I wanted to see their reactions.”

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