Sandra Bullock screens ‘The Heat,’ praises Boston

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Sandra Bullock’s new comedy “The Heat,” which was shot around town last summer, is about a Boston cop who is forced to bond with an FBI agent. So it’s no surprise that Bullock, her costar Melissa McCarthy (above right, with Bullock) and their director, Paul Feig, talked about the city and its character when they screened the comedy at CinemaCon in Las Vegas late last week. Bullock — who said that local law enforcement would get a special screening of the movie — told Access Hollywood, “That city is made up of amazing, strong, loyal, kind, giving people.” Feig added that “The Heat” is a real Boston movie in all ways. “It’s not a movie where it’s supposed to be New York but it’s shot in Boston,” he told CNN. “This takes place in Boston. We have Boston natives in the movie, like Jane Curtin and . . . Joey McIntyre . . . And if this movie can help Boston laugh, then that would be great.”

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