Paula Poundstone loves Boston

Like just about everything else in the city, Paula Poundstone’s show at the Wilbur was canceled last night. And no one was looking forward to the show more than the comedian herself. In an emotional post on her website, Poundstone had promised to put a smile back on Bostonians’s faces. She wrote about working years ago at A Salad for All Seasons, Paperback Booksmith, and the Tea Court in Copley Square; and about performing at open-mike nights at The Comedy Connection and the Ding Ho in 1979. “Boston is in my bones, my head and my heart. Not just as a Bostonian, but as an American, and just a regular old person, I have this feeling like I’ve been kicked in the stomach,” she wrote. “I love you Boston. I’ll see you Friday, and we will laugh.” Alas, we didn’t see her Friday, but Poundstone will be back at the Wilbur July 27. We’ll laugh then.

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