Affleck didn’t kick photog, says TMZ

Strangely enough, celebrity gossip site TMZ has come to Ben Affleck’s defense regarding a photo it ran on its website that appears to show Affleck trying to kick a photographer. TMZ says Affleck had no intention of harming the photog; he was just trying to give himself and daughter Seraphina some space. “According to our sources, Ben asked the paps (none of whom work for TMZ) twice to back off and when that didn’t work . . . he said, ‘You need to be this far away’ and swung his leg to demonstrate,” TMZ said. (The photo was taken by X17, a celebrity photo agency.) Last fall, in Boston to promote his Oscar-winning film “Argo,” Affleck talked about his experience with paparazzi. He told the local audience that he can handle the photographers, but wished they wouldn’t focus on his kids. Understandable.

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