Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Breaking Boston’ pilot begins shooting

If Wednesday’s first day of filming is any indication, the reality TV show titled “Breaking Boston” could be interesting. The show, being produced by Mark Wahlberg , started shooting at the Nashua Street Jail, and we’re told things got pretty lively. Called a “docu-series” by Wahlberg, the show is inspired by the shrill, foul-mouthed sisters in “The Fighter” and centers on six Boston women trying to improve their lives. Wednesday morning, cameras were rolling when one of the women went to the jail to visit her boyfriend behind bars. We’re told inmates became very animated, yelling and banging on cell windows. Later, there was more filming at Clerys Bar on Dartmouth Street, and we’re told a few of the women got into a fight. The “Breaking Boston” pilot is being shot for A&E. . . . Singer Courtney Love enjoyed a steam and massage at Corbu Spa & Salon at the Charles Hotel Wednesday. We’re told the Hole frontwoman noshed on cheese, crackers, and fruit and sauntered back to her room in a Corbu bathrobe.

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