Sundance USA brings ‘The Lifeguard’ to the Coolidge

Every year, the Sundance USA program brings Sundance Film Festival features to select cities across the country, including Boston. Last January, we got an early look at “Celeste and Jesse Forever,” written by Harvard grad Rashida Jones. Before that, we saw “Our Idiot Brother” with Pittsfield’s Elizabeth Banks, and “The Company Men,” the Ben Affleck movie that had filmed around town in 2009. Sundance just announced that the 2013 film for Boston is “The Lifeguard,” the story of a reporter (played by Kristen Bell) who returns to her old lifeguarding job in her Connecticut hometown. Sundance admits that this year’s local offering doesn’t have a real tie to Boston. It just takes place in New England, and that’s good enough for us. The Coolidge screening — which takes place on Jan. 31 — will include a Q&A with director/writer Liz W. Garcia.

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