Kris Humphries tweets photo, invites critics after Rondo fight

We couldn’t stop ourselves from reading the Twitter zingers aimed at Brooklyn Nets player Kris Humphries after Wednesday night’s game. After the soon-to-be ex-husband of Kim
tweeted a photo of his scratched shoulder from his scuffle with Rajon Rondo , accompanied by the message, “Anyone know where I can get a quick Tetanus shot in Boston?” local fans berated him with one-liners. Most of their comments were too X-rated to print, but we can share a few. Former “MADtv” comedian
Michael McDonald tweeted to Humphries, of his tetanus shot request, “Doesn’t that come standard with a divorce from a Kardashian?” Fox’s Erin Andrews tweeted, “really?? tweeting a post gm ‘scratched’ arm photo from a hoops gm? have you seen the injuries NFL and NHL players get? #taketheskirtoff.” (Not surprisingly, that comment offended some of Andrews’s female fans.) Humphries did get some celebrity support from “Jersey Shore” ’s Vinny Guadagnino, who tweeted of the skirmish, “that was terrible. I hardly saw a foul and they start jumpin you? #weak.”

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