Video of Ethel Kennedy raving about Taylor Swift

We keep thinking this Taylor Swift/Conor Kennedy thing is over, or overblown, but here’s Ethel Kennedy, saying it’s anything but over. Recorded Friday at the 23d Annual Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights tournament at the Hyannisport Club, Ethel looks spry with her swing and sounds downright giddy about her new neighbor. “She is just spectacular,” Ethel Kennedy says, “just sensational.” Kennedy really glows when she says that Swift is “game” to do whatever the Kennedy family does. She never sailed. She sailed. She never went dragging. She dragged. (What a trouper, right? Except, one question: What’s dragging?) Kennedy also seems to confirm something that has been rumored for a while: Swift bought the 4,440-square-foot gray shingle spread across the street from Ethel’s place in Hyannis Port. “I’m happy that we’ll be neighbors,” she says in the video. The family matriarch says the entire family loves their new neighbor. Even if she does bring 19 million followers with her.

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