‘Price is Right’ has its first male model and he’s from Boston


Producers of “The Price Is Right” have selected the game show’s first male model and — will wonders never cease? — he happens to be a graduate of Grafton High School (and his mom lives in Framingham.) Rob Wilson beat out “hundreds of hopefuls,” according to CBS, which put 26 finalists through a series of (silly) challenges that aired on priceisright.com. (The tests included having the models write and sing lyrics to the show’s theme music, and show their excitement as they were summoned to “come on down.”) Wilson, who begins his weeklong gig Oct. 15, said he expects to be shirtless some of the time. “I’m sure it’ll be on a case-by-case basis,” he told us Friday. “I don’t think it’ll be cheesy. I might be in flannel and ripped jeans some of the time.” In addition to modeling, Wilson is an actor. His first movie role was in the shot-in-Boston “Bride Wars.” “I got to do a super fun scene with Anne Hathaway,” he said. She’s no Bob Barker.

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