‘Moby-Dick’ ... in space? With aliens?

Looks like “Moby-Dick” is getting a reboot. The Hollywood Reporter says that Scott Steindorff — who is producing the Ben Affleck movie “Runner, Runner” — will also produce a sci-fi version of the classic New Bedford whaling tale helmed by Lynne Ramsay, of “We Need to Talk About Kevin.” We should mention, of course, that the new version of the local story probably won’t be filmed here. According to THR, this “Moby-Dick,” which will be called “Mobius,” is set in space, and instead of a whale, the captain is trying to catch an alien. Still, any movie based on Herman Melville’s famous story will be good for the New Bedford Whaling Museum. The museum’s science director, Robert Rocha, who’s planning the 17th Annual Moby-Dick Marathon, told us that a pop culture revisiting of the story will bring more people to the world of Massachusetts whaling. “It’ll pull in a new audience. Or, if it’s a different format, people might say, ‘Maybe this book isn’t so complicated. Or complex.’” The annual 25-hour reading of “Moby-Dick” is scheduled for Jan. 5 and 6. This year’s Friday-night guest lecturer is Matt Kish, creator of “Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page.”

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