Pete Nash of 3rd Bass recalls Adam Yauch

Yes, that’s McGreevy’s co-owner Pete Nash reminiscing about dearly departed Beastie Boy Adam Yauch on Smartly, the web site asked Nash to write about the rapper known as MCA because long before Nash owned a saloon on Boylston Street, he was known as Prime Minister Pete Nice of the short-lived hip-hop group 3rd Bass. (You might recall their chart-topping single attacking Vanilla Ice called “Pop Goes the Weasel.”) To his credit, Nash does not minimize the conflicts between the two crews: 3rd Bass lashed out at the Beasties after the success of “Licensed to Ill” and Yauch, Ad-Rock, and Mike D responded, appropriately, in rhyme. “One thing about white MCs is that we all have chips on our shoulders bigger than Chubb Rock and Heavy D combined,” writes Nash. “No other white boy could have been the first to rhyme before you; no other white boy could have been nicer on the mic than you.” But, he says, the beef with MCA was purely professional. “(Producer) Sam Sever had always told me he was cool people, and that was good enough for me,” writes Nash. “In fact, I always felt that MCA’s grizzled voice and persona gave the Beastie Boys their real hip hop sensibility, which was something white MCs always had to fight for.” These days, in addition to McGreevy’s, which he owns with Dropkick Murphy Ken Casey, Nash is a writer and avid collector of all things baseball, and he’s working on a book titled “Hauls of Shame: The Cooperstown Conspiracy and the Madoff of Memorabilia.”

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