Todd English says new and improved Olives set to reopen -- officially

Closed since being gutted by a grease fire in May 2010, Todd English’s Olives will officially reopen Thursday. (Unofficially, it’s been feeding people for a few days now, getting back in gear and using guests as guinea pigs to try out dishes new and old.) “So many people have come up and said, ‘We’re so happy to have you back,’” says English. But there are changes. The bar, which previously sat 15 people, now seats about 45. “I bought more bar stools than I bought regular chairs,” he said. And the menu features small plates, three or four kinds of bread, pasta dishes, plenty of sides and salads, and some larger plates for those who want them. “We are going to have a section on the menu that just says ‘feed me,’” English says. “We’ll charge $20 and send out small plates. There will be some classic stuff, like the carpaccio that’s been on the menu for 20 years, the tortelli that’s been on since Day 1, the tartare.” English plans to be in the restaurant more often, at least initially, and so will his kids: Isabelle, 19, will be at the door, splitting her time between Olives and the cupcake spot Curly Cakes, and 16-year-old Simon, who’s been cooking a lot with his father, may turn up in the kitchen—“depending on his acting career.” English says his young son is up for a role in the Adam Sandler movie filming in Marblehead. DEVRA FIRST

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